CodeShare Addin for your Enterprise

Nauman sent me mail about his latest VS Addin that can be used to share code snippets across your internal enterprise.  It looks pretty cool. - Josh

Official Article:

"With this new plugin and setup instruction, you can share source code from websites into a central database and insert them into VS.NET using the same interface.
See screen shots and download the plugin
Read these instructions to contribute code from any application"

 1) If you would like to edit the web service URL then you can do so by putting the new URL in the text box and press "Save" to update it into the registry.
 2) Keywords to search code snippets.
 3) A list box to display results.
 4) To display code for the selected item in the list box.
 5) Filter the list to only show snippets posted by you.
 6) Insert the selected code into the IDE

Check it out!

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