DevMetrics 2.0 Released: Software Metrics for C#

Dan, from Anticipating Minds, let me know that they have recently released version 2.0 of the tool we covered in June. For a bit of shameless self promotion I’ve included his mail in this post: “In May 2004, Anticipating Minds released devMetrics a free C# software metrics tool for Visual Studio .NET (and a command…


Process Explorer from Sysinternals

I guess I never listed the Sysinternals tools here because I sort of assumed that even if you have been living under a rock while writing code you’ve been making use of these utilities. One of my favorites has always been the Process Explorer. It’s also the one that prompted Herman to send me the…


Xaml Viewer for Whidbey

Gaston Milano posted a VSIP based Xaml viewer for Whidbey. “Features: Right click in xaml files to call to the viewer. Switch from viewer to associated file Show errors in output window and task list, so you can go to the line with double click. Call the viewer directly from View\Other Windows\Xaml Viewer Text to…


VBCommenter for XML Comment Generation in VS .Net 2003

A personal entry for me.  Today I reached the end of my intended roadmap and released version 1.2 of the VBCommenter addin.  The VBCommenter is an addin for VS 2003 that gives you the ability to automatically generate XML comment headers in the VB .NET editor similar to what the C# editor automatically generates. It will…


Guidelines – a hidden feature for the Visual Studio Editor

By popular request… Guidelines are visible column indicators for the VS Editor.  For more info on how to enable them, check out Note:  I’ve spent lots of cycles testing these on Visual Studio 2005 Beta.  I’ve done very limited tested on Visual Studio .NET 2003 and haven’t done any testing with these on Visual…


Beyond Google… – Open Source Code Search Engine

Found Via DotNetBoy… – Open Source Code Search Engine You’ll want to be careful about how you leverage the results you get in any project, but I love the concept.  Google for code that searches nothing but code.  I entered “RSS” and searched against C# as a language and found code that generated the…


PowerTrack 2004 for Project Management inside Visual Studio.NET

Official Site: Official Line: “This Must-Have Add-In for Visual Studio.NET 2002/2003 gives software developers the ability to track projects, defects and features without ever leaving the Visual Studio IDE.  PowerTrack embeds itself into Visual Studio like a native Visual Studio tools window and provides an intuitive interface for tracking software projects, defects and features. …


Add-in Express: Make Office Add-in Development Easier

This looks pretty cool –  Josh Web Site: Quick Description: “Add-in Express is completely based on the rapid application development paradigm, installs several .NET or VCL components, and adds to IDE several wizards. The wizards generate specific projects with a couple of clicks, the components implement everything required by COM add-ins, Smart Tags and RTD Servers. In other words,…


Zanebug: Unit Testing With Cool Perf Analysis

Via Zanebug is an advanced unit testing application for .NET. It supports existing NUnit tests, performance metrics, multiple test iterations, in-depth error information, pass / fail stats, perfmon integration, result graphing, etc. Web Site: Screenshots:


VS Addin for Managing Version Information

Via Matt Hawley: “I was reading this weeks Code Project newsletter, when I came across an updated article named Versioning Controlled Build. The description so eloquently puts it: “A Visual Studio add-in that automates AssemblyVersion control.” One word, AWESOME! I downloaded the installer from the article, installed it, and launched VS.NET. Talk about an easy…