Notepad++ Another Fast Notepad replacement with syntax highlighting

We covered Notepad2.exe before, but Don sent me his "NotePad++" application to try. The main differences I've seen between the two is that notepad2 seems to launch a little faster on my machine, but notepad++ supports a multiple document tabbed interface.  I also like the bit of humor on the Notepad++ toolbar selection:

"Hide Me", "Reduce Me", "Enlarge Me", or... "Give me the ugly, hideous, standard icons" 🙂

Check it out for yourself here:


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  1. anonymous says:

    I’ll have to check this out. I’ve noticed that notepad2 has a few problems:

    Bad performance over term server

    No search up capability (even though they expanded the search capabilities)

    Poor search performance (I’m betting it’s for(int i =0 ;i<strlen(file); i++) if(stricmp(&file[i], str, strlen(str)))) { match! } instead of a better string matching algorithm.

    So in short it could use some improvements, and tabbed interface sounds great.

  2. Smeghead says:

    UltraEdit rocks

  3. Smeghead says:

    UltraEdit rocks

    Real hackers use WinHex for editing documents 😀

    Hands up how many use Visual Studio for surfing and editing files when editing? Why open YET ANOTHER APPLICATION when you can just open a new tab?

  4. Smeghead says:

    anonymous, why don’t you just pull the source from sourceforge and stop whining like a little girl instead.

  5. anon says:

    *Shrug* what’s the point? We have SCiTe…

  6. I would never use a product that has that ever-hilarious "M$" lamecronym on the front page, free as it might be.

    BTW, if you want editors, we have editors =)

  7. says:

    Well, I might just throw in Programmers Notepad 2 ( into the round dance of other editors 🙂 And no, I am not doing it because I participate in its development only 🙂

  8. André says:


    It’s not a reasonable argument to judge a software just by its "M$" lamecronym.

    free as you might be.

  9. kompy says:

    A neat little Open Source text editor which is context sensitive so that I can spot the code from the text as I create web pages.

    I now use it for everything. Thank you guys for this great link!

  10. Mark Levison says:

    Notepad replacements

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