WsContractFirst Add-In for improved “Contract First” Web services development

Christian, an RD from thinktecture sent us mail about thier WSContractFirst Add-In

From the Add-In Description:

"Maybe some of you know that I am a big believer in contract-based Web services design and development. Web services contracts can be expressed explicitly in .NET code or by using schema (XSD) and WSDL. When using the second approach you may want a tool that can generate .NET code from your WSDLs/XSDs. The .NET Framework's and Visual Studio .NET's intrinsic tools somehow don't cut it, sorry.So, did you ever want to simply right-click on a WSDL file in Visual Studio .NET and generate code from that Web service contract?

Now you can - whether it be a client-side proxy class or a server-side stub skeleton, you choose. Our add-in for Visual Studio .NET 2003 automatically determines the project's programming language and accordingly generates source code (currently C# and VB.NET are supported). "


Try it out and let Christian know what you think.

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