VSTabs: VS 2003 File Tab Channel Replacement

Hot off the presses from Jonathan Payne:

VSTabs is a new Visual Studio 2003 add-in that replaces the normal tab bar with a new look tab control that supports tab combining and middle click tab closing.  So far it is only at the "technology preview" stage but it is starting to become useful and the source code is available if anyone would like to add new features.

VSTabs screenshot

I have also updated my VSFileFinder add-in (previously mentioned at http://blogs.msdn.com/powertoys/archive/2004/04/20/117196.aspx) to fix a few bugs and support far better keyboard UI.

Both the add-ins are at http://www.zero-one-zero.com/vs/.


Comments (3)

  1. Uwe says:

    Cool. Finally a successor for http://www.wndtabs.com which only works on VC++ 6.

  2. VSTabs tester says:

    Good job!

    Can you remove long "Read Only" message from Tabs for read-only files? And close tabs by clicking on X symbol on Tab?

  3. jledgard says:

    You should contact Jonathan @ his website since he wrote this and owns the code.


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