“Paste As..” in VS.NET with Smart Paster Add-In

The pic and post from Alex really says it all. Installed! Alex, you should submit this to the Add-in contest. [Via Alex Papadimoulis]

I don’t know about you guys (and gals), but I often find myself pasting large string literals (SQL queries or dialogs) into code. It started to become quite a hassle to fire up EditPlus, paste, replace line breaks with quote characters, copy, and paste it into Visual Studio. So, I put together an add-in to help with this task and called it Smart Paster.

…. If you’d like, you can grab it here: http://www.papadimoulis.com/alex/SmartPaster1.1.zip

Alex also asks for your feedback. Enjoy – Josh

UPDATE: I updated the link to point to the new version. Alex has taken some of your feeback and added some new features detailed here:

  • Tab/linebreak escape choices for C#
  • Verbatim Literals (optional line spanning) for C#
  • Paste As StringBuilder (with optional AppendFormat usage)
  • Auto Formatting After Paste (optional)
  • Ability to hide Paste As options on the context menu
  • Add-In Commands for adding to custom menus and keyboard shortcuts

His blog also has a new screenshot of the configuration menu.

To stay up to date yourself on the latest versions you can subscribe to his catagory dedicated to this tool here:



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  1. kmsheff says:

    Very cool add-in. I’ll be using this very often.

  2. This is too good to let slip by. Paste As in Visual Studio .NET for those of you who often paste literals