NTime – Performance unit testing tool

Adam Slosarski presents NTime -a perfomance testing tool- on code project.

Sample Image - NTime.gif

[Via Weblogs @ ASP.NET]

From the Code Project page:

This article presents a unique tool to run repeatable performance tests in actually developed application by programmers. The NTime tool is very similar to NUnit tool - another unit testing tool, so currently users that use NUnit should see almost the same GUI and functionality....
Developers use NTime tool to test whether their application works with performance specification designed by managers or sometimes by themselves. They need to run NTime tool when they aren't sure whether their rewritten code still works well. NTime tool may have been open always on the desktop even when programmers develop, compile or debug application -- every application build will be reloaded in NTime automatically and shown with updated tests.

Unit testing, but this time for performance. Pretty cool looking. - Josh

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