“Close All But This” and more Whidbey commands now in VS 2003!!!

This is pretty cool. Gaston couldn't wait for Whidbey so he coded up some of our little IDE enhancements as a package for VS 2003 users.  Jason, the IDE PM who drove the Whidbey improvements, was impressed when I showed him. 🙂

From the Site: http://weblogs.asp.net/gmilano/archive/2004/05/05/126491.aspx

  • Close All but this  ( Close all document windows but this)
  • Copy Full Path    (  Copy the full path of the active document to the clipboard )
  • Show File In Explorer ( Show File in Explorer 🙂

  • Enjoy - Josh

    Comments (4)

    1. sudipta says:

      I dont have any comment so far.

    2. GMilano says:

      I have uploaded a new version with some new commands http://weblogs.asp.net/gmilano/archive/2004/07/09/178036.aspx


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