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  1. John Lewicki says:

    I posted this message on the VS.NET message board already, but this may be a more appropriate place.

    Some of you may be interested in a tool I recently posted to Workspaces, that is intended to make working with custom configuration sections as painless as possible.

    It takes as input a simple XML file that describes the schema of a custom configuration section, and it generates an IConfigurationSectionHandler implementation that will parse the custom section from the configuration file. Additionally it generates simple value classes that provide strongly typed access to the configuration data. After running the installer, look in the installation directory for the documentation.

    The tool is a VS Custom Tool (like the MS data set generator that generates typed data sets), so it integrates quite nicely with Visual Studio (2003).


  2. Lance Hunt says:

    Have you ever wanted to build a project or solution without opening up Visual Studio.NET?

    There are plenty of command-line utilities (including “devenv.exe /build“) to do this, but I couldnt find anything that worked from within Windows Explorer.

    This INF installer gives you a “VS.NET 2003 Build Here“ prompt which invokes the command-line call to build. It is associated with the following file-extensions: .csproj, .csdproj, vbproj, vbdproj, jsproj, and .sln. Just download, and Right-Click the file and choose “Install”.

    Prerequisites: VisualStudio.NET 2003

    (assumes default install at C:program files… etc.)

    Direct Download:


  3. Behrooz says:

    Hi there ,

    I would like to be a member.


  4. Hiya. 🙂

    Just in case you’re not aware of it I’ve a free VS.NET 2002/2003 add-in (ResOrg.NET) for dealing with resource ID conflicts in MFC projects.

    We’re just about to move to VS.NET 2003 at work (finally!) so I’m hoping to start adding more features to take advantage of the extensibility interface.

    Have a look and see what you think. 🙂

  5. arsch says:

    Very good

  6. Al Ponomarev says:

    Spices.VSIP.Net delivers full features set of Spices.Net into Visual Studio, now you can expand you development – analyze, build, obfuscate, debug, verify and deploy your apps with Spices.Net.

    For more details please visit

  7. I know this tool is used in a few different companies to extend the VS.NET IDE – but it is primarily used to help write Code Docs. The aim of it is to really provide a quick and easy way to add functionality to any location within VS.NET and the Code Docs and other tools are examples of these.

  8. JerryChen says:

    Hi , everyone :

    I kown a tool that convert vb and project to c#.

    you can download free demo version.

    For more detials visit

  9. DULUTH, GA – August 2, 2004 – Parastream Technologies announces PagePorter, a Visual Studio .NET add-in that integrates the web site development ease of FrontPage with the programming might of Visual Studio .NET to form a truly powerful web application development tool.

    PagePorter helps developers create and maintain ASP.NET web sites with unprecedented speed and ease. With PagePorter handling many of the mundane repetitive tasks, developers have more time to focus on important design tasks.

    PagePorter operates with Visual Studio .NET projects in one of three modes – using FrontPage for layout and design, without using FrontPage at all, or converting a FrontPage web site to ASP.NET and then using Visual Studio .NET only. By itself, PagePorter adds real web site development capabilities to Visual Studio .NET with support for themes, shared borders, hyperlink management, a GUI site navigation editor, and seven FrontPage compatible web controls. If you want to use FrontPage with Visual Studio .NET, PagePorter is the component that bridges the gap between them.

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