Command Prompt Bar for CMD.EXE Inside the Windows Explorer

If you love your command prompt or wondered what life would be like without the “CMDHere.exe” XP Powertoy then you really should check out the Command Prompt Explorer Bar.   Now, if I can get Pavel to join the VSCMDShell project I'd be set!


Comments (8)

  1. R James says:

    nice code, ever since i first used Konqueror i’ve wanted this functionality in windows. Shame i seem to use windows less and less these days, but this will be no doubt get installed on what windows boxes i do use.

  2. dmf says:

    some comment

  3. jledgard says:

    Send pavel your comments. He wrote it. And yes, it is pretty cool.

  4. lewis leech says:

    this addin kicks ass, i love it.

  5. jledgard says:

    Glad I could help you find it. Send Pavel your feedback. 🙂

  6. attrib -h info* * says:

    I’ve lost my recycle bin from my desktop

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