Update-TypeData, ISE CTP3 vs ISE RC, and Teched2009 Demos

There were quite a few name changes in the ISE Object Model from CTP3 to RC Using Update-TypeData, we can achieve some parity between the two We can add aliases to the CTP3 version to make it look like the RC Version  For example,         <Name>System.Management.Automation.Host.PSGHost</Name>        <Members>            <AliasProperty>                <Name>CurrentPowerShellTab</Name>                <ReferencedMemberName>CurrentOpenedRunspace</ReferencedMemberName>            </AliasProperty> Will make $psISE.CurrentPowerShellTab point… Read more

Checkout Out-WPF

Joel (Jaykul) Bennett has a cool post HERE where he is experimenting with some GUI scripting toolkits and a utility Out-WPF.  You can also checkout a Screencast of Out-WPF working HERE.  It is very cool and very short so give it a look-see. Scripting GUIs with PowerShell is going to be a REALLY BIG DEAL… Read more

Windows PowerShell CTP2 to CTP3 Conversion Guide

I write a lot of scripts, and, since I blog some of what I write, my home computer has been running Windows PowerShell CTP2 since it came out.  Since CTP3 has a number of changes from CTP2, I’ve got to update my home script library to work with CTP3.  While this guide might not have… Read more

WPF & PowerShell – Part 7 (Sharing Hosts)

Well here we are at the end of a week of WPF.  We’ve learned how to create basic, simple user interactive interfaces.  We’ve seen a brief glimmer of the golden UI layer that is WPF, and have seen how we can use PowerShell to add easy interactivity to XAML.  You’ve seen tricks to help you… Read more

WPF &amp; PowerShell – Part 6 (Running Functions in the Background)

For the next part in the series, I’ve introduced another update to the Show-Control function you first met in Part 4.  In this update, I’ve added the ability to run the control you’ve created in a background runspace as a switch. In order to do this, Show-Control employs a neat little trick.  It actually creates… Read more

PowerShell and WPF: WTF

A number of people are confused by the WPF/PowerShell series and are “asking WTF?”.  Aaron has a blog entry, WPF and PowerShell Series – I don’t get it.  Caywen left a comment on the first in posting saying, “Ugh, I could make a peanut butter and squid sandwich, but that doesn’t mean you should.” (I like the visual… Read more