Use DSC to manage WMI namespace security

Almost 6 years ago, I wrote some PowerShell scripts in a multi-part series explaining WMI namespace security and also how to manage them using PowerShell. If you’re not familiar with WMI namespace security, I recommend reading the blog posts above or even as a refresher. I received some feedback fairly recently about some issues and… Read more

WMI cheat sheet for PS users

Hi, We got multiple requests to publish the cheat sheet for CIM Cmdlets that was distributed in Tech Ed NA this year. Responding to popular demand, this document is attached as PDF . This is a great resource put together by WMI team for people who want to get started with CIM cmdlets. Standard disclaimer :-)…. Read more

Managing Hardware devices from PowerShell

Steve did a very cool blog post last month about managing hardware that implements standard DMTF profiles (examples: Intel AMT , Broadcom TruManage ) He has also published a PowerShell module on TechNet script center to help IT Pros. This module has been built on top of new CIM Cmdlets.   Take a… Read more

Introduction to CIM Cmdlets

PowerShell 3.0 shipping with Windows server 2012 and Windows 8 brings a new set of Cmdlets to manage any server or device that complies with CIM and WS-Man standards defined by DMTF. In this blog post we will explore these new Cmdlets and how can they help IT Pros in managing a datacenter. The list… Read more

Rename-Drive : Renaming Drives with PowerShell & WMI

.CmdletName { font-size:large } .CmdletSynopsis { font-size:medium } .CmdletDescription { font-size:medium } .CmdletParameters { font-size:medium } th { font-size: medium; font-style: italic } table { border: 1 } Shane Burton from Compellent just asked me to help him rename a drive with PowerShell. It’s possible to rename drives using a couple of different WMI classes,… Read more

Get-USB – Using WMI Association Classes in PowerShell

Last Thursday, we had our first meeting of PowerShell Script Club on the Microsoft Campus. Script Clubs are really cool. They’re kind of like a hands on lab with no set topic or teacher. You bring an idea for a script, and ask your fellow PowerShell users about help getting the script written.  Leave a… Read more

Some WMI instances can have their first method call fail and get-member not work in PowerShell V1

Due to a problem retrieving the available methods in V1 that we have worked around for the upcoming version of PowerShell, you might experience that the first method call to a WMI object fails with a message that mentions:            Exception calling GetType() with “0” argument(s): “You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.”… Read more

Windows, PowerShell and WMI – Unveiling Microsoft’s Best Kept Secret

I mentioned that one of my favorite TechEd 2008 talks was Ben Pearce’s talk, “Windows, PowerShell and WMI – Unveiling Microsoft’s Best Kept Secret”.  Attached is Ben’s presentation.  You can get his demos at the following locations: Enjoy! Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]Windows Management Partner ArchitectVisit the Windows PowerShell Team blog at:   … Read more


Nitin Bhat the WMI PM recently pointed HERE to answer the question, how do know what OS SKU a machine is running? You can run the expression $((gwmi win32_operatingsystem).OperatingSystemSKU) to the the value and then look it up on that table. I decided to turn it into a script you can use.  It is rock-simple… Read more