Using a DSL to generate XML in PowerShell

A while back, Jeffrey posted an article on how to use string expansion and XML casts to build XML documents in-line in a PowerShell script: The overall feel of the approach that Jeffrey described is very much like that of ASP, JSP, PHP on any of the other systems that use “holes” to embed… Read more

Sunday morning drive with my hair on fire: Types/Community/Synthetic types/Democracy/Cool XML tricks

Exploring types is a pain! Monad provides Get-Member which makes it pretty nice to explore an OBJECT but if you want to explore that object’s type, you have to use the capabilities of the System.RuntimeType class. Let me make that distinction a little clearer.  Imagine that I’ve got some xml:$x=[XML]”<a><b>TEST</b><a>” I can explore this object… Read more