PowerShell SDK Reference Assemblies Available via NuGet.org

  The PowerShell team is pleased to announce that the references assemblies for PowerShell versions 3, 4, and 5 are now available as packages on NuGet.org. Previously, PowerShell SDK reference assemblies were part of the Microsoft Windows Platform SDK for the specific release of Windows. Placing these assemblies on NuGet.org as packages associated with the… Read more

Windows PowerShell 3.0 SDK Sample Pack

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Windows PowerShell 3.0 SDK Sample Pack. For Windows PowerShell 3.0, the SDK samples work a little differently than in previous releases of Windows PowerShell. For Windows PowerShell 2.0, we released a separate standalone SDK to the Download Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=180421. This download contained both the reference assemblies… Read more

Howto: Invoking cmdlets from within a cmdlet…

A fairly common question cmdlet developers have is “How do I invoke a cmdlet from within a cmdlet”. This usually comes up when converting a script or function into a compiled cmdlet. Marco Shaw is writing a nice series of blog posts covering this topic using the PowerGadgets  cmdlets as examples. Check it out at:  http://marcoshaw.blogspot.com/2007/09/howto-invoking-cmdlets-within-cmdlet.html… Read more

Linking against RC2

The RC2 SDK is not yet available.  Until it is, here is a quick and dirty way for you to find/extract the DLLs to link your code against.  Do this from a RC2 shell and you’ll a copy of the DLLS in C:\SDK:   PS>[appdomain]::currentdomain.getassemblies() | where {($_.fullname -match “system.management”) -OR ($_.fullname –match “Microsoft”)} |… Read more

PowerShell Namespsaces

A summary of the Namespaces PowerShell defines and uses.   System.Management.Automation System.Management.Automation serves as the root namespace for PowerShell.  The namespace contains the types a developer would use to implement a Cmdlet.   Sub-namespaces are defined for specific sections of the API that are used by specific types of developers.   System.Management.Automation.Host System.Management.Automation.Host contains the… Read more