PowerShellHostVersion – WTF?

Superstar Shay Levy recently wrote a blog article, Module Manifest Gotcha .  He was exploring the various options that the Module Manifest provides and saw what he thought was a problem with using the PowerShellHostVersion key. PowerShellHostVersion key Specifies the minimum version of the Windows PowerShell host program that works with the module. The “gotcha”… Read more

PrimalForms 2009 – From SAPIEN

SAPIEN Technologies ,makers of PrimalScripts have added another cool product for Windows PowerShell users – PrimalForms. Check it out http://www.primaltools.com/products/info.asp?p=PrimalForms Thanks Osama Sajid, Program Manager… Read more

Invoking PowerShell from VBScript (COM)

There are a number of scenarios where you might want to call PowerShell from VBScript.  You might already have an VBScript that does some function and you want to update it to include some PowerShell operation but don’t want to convert the entire script to PowerShell.  You might have some people on your staff that are… Read more

Online PowerShell Training

Sapien is considering offering PowerShell Training online.  They have a survey asking about potential ways to deliver the training.  Complete the survey and you’ll be entered into a contest to win a free slot in their first training session. The contest ends in 2 weeks.  You can get more details HERE and take the survey… Read more

PowerShell V2 Book Available!

The PowerShell ecosystem is once again proving itself to be super smart and agile. Superstar’s Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks are once again demonstrating why they are MVPs for PowerShell. On Nov 12th, they (and Sapien Press) will release an electronic version of Windows PowerShell TFM, the 3rd edition that covers our CTP functions! That’s… Read more

VBScript -> PowerShell

Are you a VBscripter in the process of becoming a PowerShell scripter? Once you become a PowerShell scripter, you’ll find incredible gains in productivity but first you have to becoming a PowerShell scripter. There are a few things that can help. First and foremost is PowerShell’s interactive nature. This allows you to quickly and easily… Read more

Cmdlet Help Editor tool

Intoducing the Cmdlet Help Editor V1.0   Cmdlet Help Editor enables you to create help topics for Windows PowerShell cmdlets in the XML format that Windows PowerShell reads. Help text created in Cmdlet Help Editor can be displayed immediately by a Windows PowerShell get-help command without any additional transforms or formatting.   By reflecting on… Read more

PowerShell Essentials Package

A number of people have asked me about PowerShell IDEs and about how to get started with PowerShell.  Here is something to consider – Sapien is offering a special price on a package of components focused on PowerShell.  The package includes Tools (PrimalScript Professional), Snippets (reusable PowerShell code segments), and Learning (Don Jones’ Windows PowerShell: TFM… Read more

Sapien’s Great PowerShell Blog

Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks are doing a great series of PowerShell blog entries at: http://sapien.eponym.com/blog Check them out. Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]Windows PowerShell/MMC ArchitectVisit the Windows PowerShell Team blog at:    http://blogs.msdn.com/PowerShellVisit the Windows PowerShell ScriptCenter at:  http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/hubs/msh.mspx… Read more

Live Syntax Checking

Sapien PrimalScript’s support for WIndows PowerShell continues to get better.  The latest addition is Live Syntax Checking.  This is particularly useful for people who are starting out with PowerShell which is basically everyone at this point.  Checkout their blog post: http://sapien.eponym.com/blog/_archives/2006/10/14/2416634.html It’s also worth checking out the list of new features found in PrimalScript 4.1: http://www.primalscript.com/psnextpreview.asp It’s… Read more