New-Workflow –MakeItEasy: Authoring Workflows using PowerShell Extended Syntax

Some time back, in his blog post, Jeffrey Snover introduced one of the new Windows PowerShell 3.0 feature – Windows PowerShell Workflow. In that post, you saw a glimpse of how to author workflows using PowerShell syntax. This post dives into more details of authoring workflows using PowerShell syntax and various extensions to it. Why… Read more

High Level Architecture of Windows PowerShell Workflow (Part 2)

This is the second part of our post on the high level architecture of Windows PowerShell Workflow. Part 1 of this blog post provided an overview of the architecture and its various components. This post will go into more detail on the various subcomponents and provide some insight into the internals of Windows PowerShell Workflow…. Read more

High Level Architecture of Windows PowerShell Workflow (Part 1)

  1 Summary In March we introduced Windows PowerShell Workflow (PSWF), which explained why we integrated workflows with PowerShell, and what were our major investment areas for our first release. In a recent post, Jeffrey Snover summarizes this decision: “We integrated the Windows Workflow Foundation engine into PowerShell to make it simple and easy to… Read more

When Windows PowerShell Met Workflow

Meet the new kid on the block! Windows PowerShell Workflow (PSWF) is the latest addition to the Windows PowerShell family. First, let’s establish the context for the decision to integrate workflows into Windows PowerShell. It starts with cloud computing and Windows-based datacenters. Cloud computing provides a set of highly available, scalable computing services that leverage… Read more

Another Holiday Gift from the PowerShell Team: PowerShell 3.0 CTP2 – Getting Started with Windows PowerShell Workflow

After delivering the Thanksgiving Gift this year, it’s time for a Holiday Gift …. No not as big as the one we had about 3 years ago …!! Today, we published the “Getting Started with Windows PowerShell Workflow” document on the CTP2 download page, just look for “WMF3 CTP2 Windows PowerShell Workflow.pdf”. This will help… Read more