Scaling and Queuing PowerShell Background Jobs

A couple of months ago I had asked the PowerShell MVPs for suggestions on blog topics. Karl Prosser, one of our awesome MVPs, brought up the topic of scaling and queuing background jobs. The scenario is familiar: You have a file containing a bunch of input that you want to process and you don’t want… Read more

Save All PowerShell ISE files

PowerShell ISE is a simple tool and in some cases it has the bare essentials. For instance, it does not have an option to save all files. On the flipside, it offers an Object Model from its first version that allows adding features beyond the essentials like this one and many more.  If we had the… Read more

A Christmas Tree in WPK

Merry Christmas.  To celebrate the holiday, here’s a quick Christmas tree written in WPK (the WPF PowerShell Kit).  You can get WPK as part of the PowerShellPack ( Here’s a screenshot: and Here’s the script: Import-Module WPK New-Polygon -Points { # Start from the top "87.5,0" # Left Side of Tree "0,150" "75,140" # Bottom… Read more

PowerShellPack Reaches 10,000 Downloads in 3 Months

Just before the release of Windows 7, the Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerShell Pack was released.  Today, it hit 10,000 downloads. It contains 10 useful modules that help you do more with Windows PowerShell.  It has modules that can help every IT admin ( like the TaskScheduler module), and modules that can help any .NET… Read more

Sending Automated emails with Send-MailMessage, ConvertTo-HTML, and the PowerShellPack’s TaskScheduler module

On October 15th I released a large collection of scripts called the PowerShellPack.  The PowerShellPack has tons of PowerShell V2 scripts that can be used to do all sorts of fun and practical things.  Today, we’ll show how to use a module in the PowerShell Pack to schedule sending a daily automated email with information… Read more

Advanced Debugging in PowerShell

Here is a collection of tips and tricks to debug PowerShell Read UpThere is a 7-part series of “Debugging Monad Scripts” that Jon Newman wrote a few years ago that covers a lot of tips, including error handling, traps, tracing, and covers a lot of V1 stuff. Clean codeThe best route, is to make sure… Read more

Adding Custom Cmdlet Help for Providers

A new feature of Windows PowerShell 2.0 lets you write custom cmdlet help for Windows PowerShell providers. This blog explains how to do it. (The topic will also be covered in excruciating detail in MSDN, but we don’t want you to wait.)   What’s a Provider? A Windows PowerShell provider is a C# program that… Read more

Differences between the ISE and PowerShell console

Here is a collection of differences between the PowerShell_ise.exe and PowerShell.exe, as well as workaroundsand suggestion if you need them (assuming we have them :)) Limited support for interactive console apps, try cmd.exe, then try cmd.exe /k cmd.exe /c dir still works though, and more information is available here Console Application output is not colorful… Read more

Debugging PowerShell Script Using the ISE Editor

Hi writers and consumers of buggy scripts.This post explains the basics of the Graphical Debugger in the ISE. There’s a lot of good stuff, with some tips and tricks.The debugger support got the cmdlets and user interface.  The cmdlets include  Enable/Disable/Get/Set/Remove-PsBreakpoint and Get-PsCallStack.The general feel is to place breakpoints across the script, continue (F5) to… Read more