PowerShell on Linux and Open Source!

Since its inception in 2002 PowerShell has been deeply influenced and improved by the passion and needs of our community. As an example, 80 contributors filed bugs and issues on the “alpha” release. Since that time we, together, have built a strong PowerShell community that supports each other, provides Summits and Conferences and gives great feedback… Read more

Windows PowerShell is now “PowerShell”: An Open Source Project with Linux support – How did we do it?

Hello everyone, My name is Angel Calvo, I am Microsoft’s Group Software Engineering Manager for PowerShell and Desired State Configuration (DSC). I’d like to take this opportunity to proudly represent the engineering team behind this project, and share a few thoughts about yesterday’s historic announcement for PowerShell and our Community I am so excited about… Read more

DSC Resource Kit August Release

The DSC Resource Kit has been released! This release includes 14 updated DSC resource modules and 10 new DSC resources. Since the last release on June 29, there have been 126 merged pull requests and 41 closed issues. The modules updated in this release are: SharePointDsc xActiveDirectory xComputerManagement xDhcpServer xDscDiagnostics xExchange xFailOverCluster xHyper-V xNetworking xPSDesiredStateConfiguration… Read more

Announcing Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 Preview

Update 08/08/2016: Removed the note on container support. That is not part of WMF, as it installs on older versions of Server. Today we are pleased to announce that the Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 Preview release is now available on the Download Center. WMF provides users with the ability to update previous releases of Windows… Read more

DSC Resource Kit June Release

The June release of the DSC Resouce Kit is out! This release includes 12 updated DSC resource modules and 20 new DSC resources. Since the last release on May 18, there have been 106 merged pull requests and 42 closed issues. The modules updated in this release are: SharePointDsc xActiveDirectory xCertificate xComputerManagement xDFS xExchange xFailOverCluster… Read more

New Policy Cmdlets for Nano Server

We have just released another set of new cmdlets intended for use on Nano Server for managing local policy. Although Nano Server doesn’t support Group Policy, it does support local policy. Previously, we released Security cmdlets to deal with .INF and .CSV files. Today, we released the GPRegistryPolicy cmdlets which will deal with .POL files… Read more

DSC Resource Kit – Anniversary Release

We’ve just updated the DSC Resource Kit to celebrate our 1 year open-source anniversary! The DSC Resource Kit has come a long way in a year. Originally, DSC started with only in-box resources. To make these resources easier to update, some were moved to TechNet’s Script Center and became the DSC Resource Kit. Finally in April 2015, the DSC… Read more

New Security Cmdlets in Nano Server

In Windows Server 2016 TP5, we included two new cmdlets to help manage security policy settings. While they are present on every install option of Windows Server, these are mostly useful on Nano Server because Nano Server does not support Group Policy. Security-related settings include two different kinds of artifacts. • .INF files containing security… Read more

Developing PowerShell Cmdlets for Nano Server using the PowerShell Core SDK

Looking to develop PowerShell cmdlets for Nano Server? Try out our new PowerShell SDK for Nano on the PowerShell Gallery. Or, if you already have Windows 10 or Windows Management Framework 5.0 installed, simply run: Install-Module Microsoft.PowerShell.NanoServer.SDK If you’ve been watching the Server & Cloud Blog, you’ll know that we recently announced the availability of… Read more

AWS DSC Toolkit

We have just released a brand new module called the AWS DSC Toolkit! This module allows you to register AWS EC2 instances as DSC Nodes in Azure Automation. You can then control your EC2 instances in Azure Automation using PowerShell DSC configurations. The 4 new cmdlets provided by this module are: Register-EC2Instance Test-EC2InstanceRegistration Set-IAMInstanceProfileForRegistration Test-IAMInstanceProfileForRegistration… Read more