Introducing DSC Resource Kit Wave 10

Happy 10th anniversary to the DSC Resource Kit! Wave 10 is now available on TechNet and in the PowerShell Gallery.  We have a few new resources this month and a number of significant bug fixes made to existing resources that are critical in our march towards stability and robustness. All in all, there are 8 new DSC… Read more

Scaling and Queuing PowerShell Background Jobs

A couple of months ago I had asked the PowerShell MVPs for suggestions on blog topics. Karl Prosser, one of our awesome MVPs, brought up the topic of scaling and queuing background jobs. The scenario is familiar: You have a file containing a bunch of input that you want to process and you don’t want… Read more

Only 2 days left to save $1000 on PowerShell Deep Dive registration

There are still a few seats open for the first ever PowerShell Deep Dive Conference and tomorrow is the last day of cheap registration! In case you haven’t already been doing it, now would be a good time to start camping out in your boss’ office begging him/her for the money and time off. Register… Read more

Portable PowerShell – Survey

Have you ever faced a situation where you want to do some PowerShell magic on a server – but you can’t because it is not installed. Well, Karl Prosser is now building a tool to do that. From Karl’s blog… “Portable PowerShell is software that allows you to run PowerShell on machines that don’t have… Read more