Desired State Configuration Resources for PackageManagement Providers

Introduction You may have heard of, or even already used PackageManagement (aka OneGet). Recently, I was reading the OneGet blog and OneGet in GitHub, and decided to give it a try by installing the Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0 Preview April 2015. I found that PackageManagement provides a consistent user experience by exposing the same… Read more

ISE Module Browser – A new way to manage your PowerShell modules

[UPDATED] A newer, working version of the ISE Module Browser is now available on the PowerShell Gallery:   High quality reusable modules, like LEGO pieces, enable IT Pros to build automation solutions in minutes! Where can I find those high quality reusable modules? One way is to use PowerShellGet, a set of cmdlets to find,… Read more

Another Holiday Present From the PowerShell Team – DSC Reskit Wave 9

Here’s a holiday gift from the PowerShell team – the DSC Resource Kit wave 9. You can find it right here. This wave has something for everyone, we hope. There are 34 new DSC resources across 13 modules! We have also incorporated your feedback, and made fixes to several existing resources that address issues you… Read more

Setting up an Internal PowerShellGet Repository

At TechEd, we announced and released an early version of PowerShellGet: a package manager for PowerShell modules.  The response was positive, and many people asked the same type of question:   “Can I set up my own internal repository for PowerShellGet?”   Many enterprise-oriented houses want the ability to create private module repositories (without sharing… Read more

PowerShellPack Reaches 10,000 Downloads in 3 Months

Just before the release of Windows 7, the Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerShell Pack was released.  Today, it hit 10,000 downloads. It contains 10 useful modules that help you do more with Windows PowerShell.  It has modules that can help every IT admin ( like the TaskScheduler module), and modules that can help any .NET… Read more

A Module to Create Modules and Advanced Functions

[1/3/09 Update – the original link to the attachment containing this code was broken but is now fixed.  Sorry. jps] It is hard to overstate how important Modules and Advanced Functions are.   If you are a PowerShell user – you need to take the time to learn these new mechanisms and use them as your first choice… Read more

All About Modules

One of the coolest new features of Windows PowerShell is PowerShell modules.  I’ve just written a tutorial about how to use them on my personal blog. You can check out the full post for more details, but here are some easy things to remember about modules: Modules can be scripts with functions, scripts that include… Read more