Join the PowerShell 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Update: For those of you looking for the videos of this event, you can find all of them on the PowerShell 10 Year Anniversary event page on Channel9. This coming Monday, November 14th, PowerShell will have been shipping for 10 years, so the team is going to celebrate with a day-long event, running from 8:00 am… Read more

What’s in a name? Using prefixes in PowerShell.

We’ve talked about this in the past but it’s time for a reminder.  PowerShell uses prefixes in front of nouns to avoid name collisions.  Imagine how many collisions there would be if people used the noun “USER” directly.  Instead, we have cmdlets *-ADUser, *-VPNUser, and *-RDUser.  The use of the prefix avoids name collisions.  When… Read more

Windows Management Framework V5 Preview

The Windows Management Framework V5 Preview is out! Check out Jeffrey Snover’s announcement here. The preview contains updates to PowerShell Desired State Configuration, as well as two new features: NetworkSwitch cmdlets and Windows PowerShell OneGet.  OneGet is designed to dramatically simplify how you discover and install software packages, while the NetworkSwitch cmdlets allow you to… Read more

Only 2 days left to save $1000 on PowerShell Deep Dive registration

There are still a few seats open for the first ever PowerShell Deep Dive Conference and tomorrow is the last day of cheap registration! In case you haven’t already been doing it, now would be a good time to start camping out in your boss’ office begging him/her for the money and time off. Register… Read more


Everyone needs to get good with Advanced Functions – this is the easiest path to the best semantics for everyone.  In previous posts we’ve shown how you can add a few simple attributes and get a TON of stuff for free.  There is a LOT more to advanced functions.  You can go VERY VERY far… Read more

Diagnosing Here-Strings With PowerShell_ISE

James Brundage posted a blog entry How To Write a Console Application in PowerShell with Add-Type which used a here-string.   One user (lcr) copied and pasted the text and got the following error: Unrecognized token in source text. At line:1 char:72 + Add-Type -OutputType ConsoleApplication -OutputAssembly HelloWorld.exe  < <<< @"     + CategoryInfo          : ParserError:… Read more