Documenting DSC Part 2

In a previous post, we introduced the team of writers working on documenting DSC. (You can always contact them at We’ve started out by bringing the existing documentation up to date (the topics for all of the built-in resources have been brought current, for example) and transferring all or parts of most of the posts… Read more

Updatable Help speaks only English! What’s up with that?

Our customers have certainly not been shy about their interest in multiple languages of Windows PowerShell Updatable Help, and we’re grateful to hear how much they would value localized Help. Our challenge is this: Updatable Help is a new feature for this release of Windows PowerShell, and we have so very many new cmdlets and… Read more

Cmdlet Help Editor is now released on CodePlex

I published the source code for the Cmdlet Help Editor on CodePlex here: . Please feel free to contribute. for more information on the Cmdlet Help Editor, please check out the following post:  Wassim Fayed [MSFT]… Read more

Download the Updated Core Help CHM

The best way to get updated help for Windows PowerShell core commands is to type “Get-Help –Online <cmdletname>,” but that works only when you’re online and your firewall permits Internet access. For all of those other times, there’s the new Windows PowerShell 2.0 Core Help – May 2011 Update in CHM format. The newly released… Read more

URLs for PowerShell Core Help Topics

Several Windows PowerShell online help fans have requested a list of all of the URLs of Windows PowerShell Core online help topics in the TechNet Library. I’m providing them here so that they’re available to everyone.   The file includes URLs for the current Windows PowerShell Core conceptual (“about”), cmdlet, and provider help, custom cmdlet help… Read more

Function Help Cannot Share a Cmdlet Help File

In Windows PowerShell 2.0, you can write help topics for functions, scripts, and modules, just as you do for cmdlets and providers. In fact, as a best practice, you should always include help topics for all shared PowerShell items.  And we make it easy. For functions and scripts, you can write comment-based help topics right… Read more