Cmdlet Help Editor is now released on CodePlex

I published the source code for the Cmdlet Help Editor on CodePlex here: . Please feel free to contribute. for more information on the Cmdlet Help Editor, please check out the following post:  Wassim Fayed [MSFT]… Read more

Download the Updated Core Help CHM

The best way to get updated help for Windows PowerShell core commands is to type “Get-Help –Online <cmdletname>,” but that works only when you’re online and your firewall permits Internet access. For all of those other times, there’s the new Windows PowerShell 2.0 Core Help – May 2011 Update in CHM format. The newly released… Read more

Keeping Help Helpful: Use -Online and Redirectable Links

When you refer to Windows PowerShell help topics, such as in tools and blog posts, be sure to refer to the most recent version of the help topics. Few things are less helpful or more confusing than sending a reader to a topic that is missing a parameter or includes an example that doesn’t work. To be sure that you’re always referring… Read more

Get Localized PowerShell Help Files

The Windows PowerShell core help files that were included in Windows 7 RTM were localized into ten languages. You can download the XML and TXT versions of these localized files and use them in your Windows PowerShell projects. The Windows PowerShell core help files are localized into the following languages:   ·         de-de                    (German-Germany) ·         es-es                    … Read more

Get-Help Can’t Find My Help File!

(or How to Define the Help File Name in a Custom Windows PowerShell Snap-in)   We’ve discovered an error in our instructions for creating a custom Windows PowerShell snap-in. This error prevents Get-Help from finding the help files for cmdlets in the snap-in. We’d like to come clean about our mistake and to warn you… Read more

Draft – Creating Cmdlet Help

NOTE: This content is also included as an RTF attachment as well. Creating Cmdlet Help When creating your own cmdlet, you can also create Help content that Windows PowerShell can display using the Get-Help cmdlet. The Help content that describes your cmdlet can include a description of the cmdlet, the syntax used by your cmdlet, parameter… Read more