Desired State Configuration (DSC) Planning Update – September 2018

2018 has been the most active year ever for the DSC community. The DSC team is taking on major new areas of work in Azure, and we have made significant progress in development of the new DSC platform. In this Planning Update for DSC, I want to cover these topics in detail and share major… Read more

Windows Pull Server Planning Update – April 2018

In the next Current Branch release of Windows Server a new feature will be released to provide support for SQL Server as the database platform to support Windows Pull Server for DSC. This capability will open new scenarios: High availability The SQL ecosystem of reporting and analysis tools If you are a member of Windows… Read more

DSC Resource Kit – Anniversary Release

We’ve just updated the DSC Resource Kit to celebrate our 1 year open-source anniversary! The DSC Resource Kit has come a long way in a year. Originally, DSC started with only in-box resources. To make these resources easier to update, some were moved to TechNet’s Script Center and became the DSC Resource Kit. Finally in April 2015, the DSC… Read more

DSC Resource Kit Update

We’ve just updated the DSC Resource Kit for April! Since our last update in February, there have been 107 merged pull requests with 49 closed issues. Thanks to our wonderful community, the DSC Resource Kit now consists of 279 resources! We have updated 21 DSC modules which include 6 new resources. The updated modules are:… Read more

DSC Resource Kit gets even bigger

In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen lots of activity from our contributors and collaborators across DSC repositories and are excited to announce what’s the biggest update to DSC Resource Kit yet! The total number of merged pull requests exceeded one hundred (105) and 53 issues have been closed. You will find updates in… Read more

Recent updates to DSC Resource Kit

We would like to share with you a summary of changes which happened in DSC Resource Kit over last few weeks. Since we’ve posted about the updates here last time, we’ve accepted 38 pull requests, closed 33 issues, updated 7 modules and added 4 new resources! Two resources were added to xNetworking module (xDNSConnectionSuffix and… Read more

The New Home of DSC Documentation

I’m pleased to announce that our official PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) documentation now has a new home on MSDN. We heard your feedback loud and clear, and began working on a documentation platform that reflects our customer-focused approach to addressing that feedback with improvements to the content and structure of the DSC documentation. These… Read more

DSC Resource Kit updates are here!

You may be wondering what’s happening in the area of DSC Resource Kit and if that’s the case, read on. Over the last month we’ve accepted 47 pull requests, fixed 16 issues, updated 9 modules and added 5 new resources! The new resources are xExchMaintenanceMode, xExchMailboxServer, xExchTransportService and xExchEventLogLevel in the xExchange module as well… Read more

Desired State Configuration + Puppet

Our goal with PowerShell Desired State Configuration is to make Windows easy to manage, regardless of what tool you’re using. We view DSC as a platform technology to manage Windows, and this technology can be extended with the creation of new resources as well as the reuse of PowerShell DSC functionality in different solutions. As… Read more

PowerShell DSC FAQ: Sorting Out Certificates

Today’s blog post is by guest author Mr. Ashley McGlone, also known as GoateePFE. Ashley is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer who teaches and supports PowerShell for Microsoft Premier customers. You can find more content from Ashley at his blog on TechNet. Certificates, Oh No! One of the most common questions I get regarding PowerShell… Read more