Cmdlet Help Editor is now released on CodePlex

I published the source code for the Cmdlet Help Editor on CodePlex here: . Please feel free to contribute. for more information on the Cmdlet Help Editor, please check out the following post:  Wassim Fayed [MSFT]… Read more

How can a script tell what directory it was run from?

PSMDTAG:FAQ: How can a script determine what directory it was invoked from?PSMDTAG:FAQ: What is $MyInvocation?PSMDTAG:FAQ: Why is $MyInvocation.ScriptName empty? Create 2 scripts (First.PS1 and Second.PS1) to explore what is going on with $MyInvocation and how you can use it to determine what directory a script was invoked from: PS> cat first.ps1“***** FIRST MYINVOCATION *****”$myInvocation |Format-List… Read more

Working with Sort-Object Cmdlet

In this blog I will try to explain different features of sort-object(Sort) cmdlet. For the purpose of this blog, I assume the following objects exist:   MSH C:\temp\monad> $a,$b,$c,$d                                     Score Name                                   —– —-                                     100 John                                      90 Henry                                      90 Tom                                      80 David     From the definition Sort looks… Read more