ConvertTo-HashTable.ps1 Part 2

I wrote the previous blog in the middle of watching the video.  The VERY next thing he did was to create 2 hashtables so my simple version of ConvertTo-HashTable.ps1 wouldn’t work for that case.  So I made a more sophisticated version: # ConvertTo-hashTable.ps1 #    Updated to create multiple hashtablesparam( [string]  $key, $value ) Begin {     $hashTables … Read more

PoshBoard and ConvertTo-HashTable

I’m currently watching an cool video of PoshBoard a PowerShell based Web Portal by Pilosite available on CodePlex.   It looks great.  In the middle of the video I noticed the following script he uses to populate one of the controls on the dashboard: $ht = @{ } $objDrives = gwmi –class “Win32_logicalDisk” –Namespace “root\cimv2” |where… Read more