Step up your FOREACH Game

Last night Bruce Payette and I were interviewed on the PowerScripting Podcast with Hal Rottenberg and Jonathan Walz.  It was a blast!  There were a ton of people connected and were firehosing questions & comments in the Chat window.  There were lots of comments/discussions about Twitter.  I confessed to having never used twitter.  This morning… Read more

Expert to Expert: Erik Meijer and Jeffrey Snover – Inside PowerShell

I had a great time talking to Erik Meijer about PowerShell – what it is, how it works under the covers, why we do what we do and where we are going. You can see the interview on Channel 9 HERE. Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]Windows Management Partner ArchitectVisit the Windows PowerShell Team blog at: the… Read more

V2 Interview: Universal Code Execution Model

At TechEd, I did an interview with Kevin Remde where I discussed the V2 Universal Code Execution model in detail.  You can see it at:  Universal Code Execution Model (UCEM)—a vision of how PowerShell scripts can run anywhere, anytime in just the right semantics. You can access the entire library of interviews HERE. Jeffrey Snover… Read more