Windows PowerShell CTP2 to CTP3 Conversion Guide

I write a lot of scripts, and, since I blog some of what I write, my home computer has been running Windows PowerShell CTP2 since it came out.  Since CTP3 has a number of changes from CTP2, I’ve got to update my home script library to work with CTP3.  While this guide might not have… Read more

Announcing the release of Community Technology Preview-2 (CTP2) of Windows PowerShell V2

The Windows PowerShell Team is pleased to release the second Community Technology Preview (CTP2) of Windows PowerShell V2! This release adds a plethora of new features. PowerShell remoting now allows a one-to-one interactive experience. Thought about partitioning and organizing PowerShell scripts? Use modules to create self-contained and reusable units. This release introduces transactions support in… Read more