Desired State Configuration + Puppet

Our goal with PowerShell Desired State Configuration is to make Windows easy to manage, regardless of what tool you’re using. We view DSC as a platform technology to manage Windows, and this technology can be extended with the creation of new resources as well as the reuse of PowerShell DSC functionality in different solutions. As… Read more

When Windows PowerShell Met Workflow

Meet the new kid on the block! Windows PowerShell Workflow (PSWF) is the latest addition to the Windows PowerShell family. First, let’s establish the context for the decision to integrate workflows into Windows PowerShell. It starts with cloud computing and Windows-based datacenters. Cloud computing provides a set of highly available, scalable computing services that leverage… Read more

New community project created for Windows PowerShell Extensions

We have worked with CodePlex team to create a new Community Project for Windows PowerShell.   Keith Hill, MVP for Windows PowerShell, will be the project coordinator.  Microsoft employees won’t be able to participate in the community projects directly due to legal issues. However, I sincerely hope that community participates in this project and contribute.  … Read more