Running show-command for a cmdlet

  Problem: Figuring out a cmdlet from its syntax can be overwhelming, especially for people new to PowerShell. PS C:\> get-command get-process -syntax Get-Process [[-Name] <string[]>] [-ComputerName <string[]>] [-Module] [-FileVersionInfo] [<CommonParameters>] Get-Process -Id <int[]> [-ComputerName <string[]>] [-Module] [-FileVersionInfo] [<CommonParameters>] Get-Process -InputObject <Process[]> [-ComputerName <string[]>] [-Module] [-FileVersionInfo] [<CommonParameters>] Get-command –syntax displays the syntax for the command…. Read more

Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell Beta 1 Now Available

We are very excited to announce the availability of Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell (Script Explorer) Beta 1. Script Explorer is an extension of the Windows PowerShell content and guidance experience, combining the vast amount of knowledge held in the community with resources that are available from Microsoft. Script Explorer is integrated as an… Read more

Schedule for the upcoming PowerShell Deep Dive and a few videos from Frankfurt

We’ve got a great lineup of sessions and speakers scheduled for the upcoming PowerShell Deep Dive in San Diego, CA on April 30 – May 2! The schedule was recently published on The Experts Conference site, and is also listed below for convenience. Be sure to check out the TEC site for abstracts and speaker bios…. Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Management Framework 3.0 Beta Installation

This blog post explains how to resolve problems that may occur when you install Windows Management Framework (WMF) 3.0 Beta. WMF 3.0 Beta includes Windows PowerShell 3.0 Beta. You can find the WMF 3.0 Beta installation package on the Microsoft Download Center at The WMF 3.0 package installation is blocked when one or more… Read more

Scheduling Background Jobs in Windows PowerShell 3.0

One of the most common phone calls that the support team gets for Windows PowerShell is “How do I use Task Scheduler to schedule Windows PowerShell scripts?”. As an administrator, you need to have full control over when scripts run in your environment. Perhaps you need run a script only during a one-off maintenance window… Read more

When Windows PowerShell Met Workflow

Meet the new kid on the block! Windows PowerShell Workflow (PSWF) is the latest addition to the Windows PowerShell family. First, let’s establish the context for the decision to integrate workflows into Windows PowerShell. It starts with cloud computing and Windows-based datacenters. Cloud computing provides a set of highly available, scalable computing services that leverage… Read more

Install PowerShell Web Access on non-English machines

We can check our emails, go on Facebook, and get news feeds on our favorite topics from anywhere and everywhere. Then why not manage our machines from everywhere as well! Windows Server 8 Beta brings you the new feature, Windows PowerShell Web Access, which provides a Windows PowerShell console in your web browser. What! If… Read more

Introducing Windows PowerShell Web Access in Windows Server 8 Beta

Windows PowerShell Web Access lets you manage your Windows Servers anywhere and anytime.    Windows PowerShell MVPs are excited about Windows PowerShell Web Access. We just had a MVP summit here at Microsoft and I had the pleasure of talking to some of our MVPs. Some of them told me that PowerShell Web Access was… Read more