Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 Released

Update March 28, 2017: WMF 5.1 in Microsoft Update Catalog Update January 27, 2017: .Net version info updated. We are pleased to announce that we are releasing the Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 via the Microsoft download center.  Update 3/28/2017: WMF 5.1 is also available for most supported Windows versions in the Microsoft Update Catalog,… Read more

PowerShell Core Community Call #2 – Jan 26, 2016

tl;dr: Our next PowerShell Community Call is January 26th, 2017 @ 9am PST. Hit the bottom of this page for an .ics and a link to the Skype meeting. Hi everyone! I’m proud to announce the 2nd PowerShell Core Community Call. As with the first call, this is a chance for the PowerShell Committee to… Read more

Code Coverage now available for PowerShell Core!

This is the first of a series of posts on PowerShell Core and the tools we use to test it. If you’ve looked at the main project for PowerShell (, you may have noticed a new badge down in the Build status of nightly builds: We are supplying code coverage numbers for our test pass… Read more

DSC Resource Kit Release December 2016

We just released the DSC Resource Kit!Since our last release on November 2, we have added 1 new module, AuditPolicyDsc, which allows you to edit your audit policy subcategories and options. Thank you to Adam Haynes for this great new module! Outside of the DSC Resource Kit, we also recently published an update to GPRegistryPolicy… Read more

Azure DSC extension for Nano Server

NOTE: For information on OS support, and other features, please refer to our release history.   We are proud to announce that the Azure DSC extension now works on Nano Server! You will need to use extension version 2.21 or above, but the functionality and cmdlets remain the same. The extension will take care of adding… Read more

WMF 5.1 Releasing January 2017

Update January 19, 2017: WMF 5.1 has been released via the download center. There is more information on the release in this blog.   We previously announced that the Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 would release shortly after the GA release of Windows Server 2016, however the PowerShell team found some issues with upgrades that… Read more

Join our first PowerShell Core Community Call – Dec 8, 2016

tl;dr: We’re having a PowerShell Core Community Call with the PowerShell Committee and you should join us! Hit the bottom of this page for an .ics and a link to the Skype meeting. The PowerShell Team loves feedback. Whether it’s fielding your Windows PowerShell suggestions and bugs through our Windows Server UserVoice, answering your quick… Read more

Tips and Tricks from PowerShell Core Validation

It has been a privilege for the CAT team to work with customers and the PowerShell team to validate early builds and experiences with PowerShell Core. Some of the customers involved were key influences on the whitepaper, The Release Pipeline Model Applied to Windows Server and Microsoft Cloud. As a result, validation has included many… Read more

Join the PowerShell 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Update: For those of you looking for the videos of this event, you can find all of them on the PowerShell 10 Year Anniversary event page on Channel9. This coming Monday, November 14th, PowerShell will have been shipping for 10 years, so the team is going to celebrate with a day-long event, running from 8:00 am… Read more

DSC Resource Kit November 2016 Release

We just released the DSC Resource Kit! Since our last release on September 21, we have added 1 new repository, PSDscResources, which will serve as the new home of the in-box DSC resources from the PSDesiredStateConfiguration module. This new module now has over 75,000 downloads from the PowerShell Gallery! Wow! Read more about PSDscResources in… Read more