Did you know? #2

Did you know that you can make a variable automatically propagate to new scopes by using the AllScope option? Normally when you enter a new scope variables are not copied from the parent scope. Instead we do a lookup for the variable when requested. Anytime the variable is written to it happens in the local… Read more

Did you know? #1

Did you know that you can access the content of a provider using the variable syntax? For instance, you can get and set the contents of a file just by doing the following:MSH > ${c:\temp\foo.txt} = “bar”MSH > ${c:\temp\foo.txt}barMSH > Note, the default encoding is used when setting the content in the filesystem in this… Read more

Introduction to MshObject

If you’ve ever worked with the Monad APIs then you’ve no doubt seen a type called System.Management.Automation.MshObject.  I’m not going to go into all the details of what it is because that would take me more time than I have right now and there are people who can explain better than I.  Suffice it to… Read more

Windows PowerShell (Monad) Has Arrived

I just got out of Bob Muglia’s keynote speech where he formally announced Windows PowerShell (previously known as Monad).  The key things he announced are: Monad (MSH) has a new name: Windows PowerShell Windows PowerShell will RTW (Web download) in Q4 2006 RC1 of Windows PowerShell is available today Exchange 2007 and MOM will be… Read more