Windows PowerShell 2.0 Deprecation

We recently announced that Windows PowerShell 2.0 is being deprecated in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Deprecation is a process whereby technologies or applications are marked as legacy, signalling to users that they may be removed in the future, and that should move away from them and towards newer alternatives. We do not currently… Read more

DSC Resource Kit Release August 2017

DSC Resource Kit Release We just released the DSC Resource Kit! This release includes updates to 10 DSC resource modules. In these past 6 weeks, 91 pull requests have been merged and 74 issues have been closed, all thanks to our amazing community! The modules updated in this release are: SecurityPolicyDsc xCertificate xComputerManagement xDhcpServer xDnsServer… Read more

PSSwagger – Automatically generate PowerShell cmdlets from OpenAPI (f.k.a Swagger) specification

As a PowerShell enthusiast or DevOps professional, have you ever thought of having a tool that automatically generates PowerShell cmdlets to manage or access a RESTful Web Service? We are happy to share PSSwagger – the PowerShell Cmdlet generator for OpenAPI based web services. At PowerShell Conference Europe 2017, Jeffrey first showcased PSSwagger, and today… Read more