You Don’t Have to Be An Administrator to Run Remote PowerShell Commands

I was just read blog entry which complained about having to have administrative access to execute PowerShell commands against a remote server.  This is not the case. We are “secure by default” which means that if you want to do something that exposes a security risk to your machines, you have to make a conscious… Read more

Windows PowerShell and the Windows Management Framework

There’s been a lot of great excitement that’s accompanied the release of PowerShell V2 and Windows Remote Management (WinRM) – also known as the Windows Management Framework. We’ve also heard the occasional question on whether it’s possible to install them independently. When we’ve heard this concern, it is usually focused on security. To be clear,… Read more

PDC09 SVR12 and SVR13 Session Demos

Attached are the demos and slides from the PDC sessions SVR12 and SVR 13 today. Here are the steps you need to do before you can run them 1. Unzip the files and run setup\setup.ps1. This will configure user accounts and initialize some files required 2. Change computers.dat in service\roles\. Set it to the computers… Read more

I Can Do That With 1 Line of PowerShell: Installed Software

Ying Li has a cool PowerShell Script to list installed Software on a local computer HERE.  When I looked at it and thought to myself, I can do that with 1 line (if I cheat a little).  Here it is: PS> gp HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\* |Select DisplayName, DisplayVersion, Publisher, InstallDate, HelpLink, UninstallString |ogv   Here is what … Read more

SRV312 TechEd Slides

I just gave the talk, “”Server Management Improvements and Solutions for Windows Server 2008 R2”.  It went over rather well.  Attached are the slides.  I will try to get you the demos but that will be difficult and will take some time. Enjoy! Jeffrey Snover [MSFT] Distinguished Engineer Visit the Windows PowerShell Team blog at:   … Read more

Windows Server 2008 R2 Rocks!

One of the things I like to say is that, “Microsoft is incapable of sustained error”.  By that I mean that Microsoft is an intensely self-conscious culture, fearless about confronting shortcomings and  constantly looking for ways to do things better.  We beat ourselves up pretty brutally about the shortcomings of Vista and committed ourselves to… Read more

PowerPack Challenge

Quest Software’s PowerPack Challenge’09 is on… calling all script warriors to show their skills. See the details here – Happy Scritping Osama Sajid, Program Manager… Read more

Why is Get-ChildItem so Slow?

We get this question fairly frequently when it comes to slow network connections. The performance of directory listings (especially on a laggy network) are limited by the .NET APIs we call to retrieve the directory information. There are two limitations to the current set of APIs: Forced Retrieval of Attributes When we do a directory… Read more

Workaround for Add-Member on plain .Net objects

Introduction While I was fixing bugs, I came across an interesting bug ( that seemed to have a very simple fix upon first glance. However, after doing some more research, I found out that it was actually very tricky to fix the root cause. If you do the following: $table = @{ key1="val1"; key2="val2" }… Read more