My 2009 Resolutions

I tend not to be very big on resolutions but I decided to make an exception this year and then see how it goes going forward.  I thought you might find it interesting to see the things that keep me up at night. 

Let me be absolutely clear about one thing:

These are my PERSONAL resolutions not team or company intentions, plans or commitments. 

I took 30 minutes to jot down the things I want to get done next year because I believe these things are important.  I’m sure I’m missing quite a few important things and would love comments/suggestions.  One thing to note – my list is actually quite a bit longer but these are the ones I’m comfortable sharing in public.

  1. Ship a great PowerShell V2, WSMAN, BITS, WMI, and Server Manager with W7 & WS08R2.
  2. Bundle PowerShell V2, WSMAN, and BITs into a single management platform download that supports downlevel machines.
  3. Encourage the industry adoption of WSMAN by educating people on the value of the protocol and PowerShell’s use and support for the protocol.
  4. Encourage the writing of WMI providers by educating people on the value of WMI and PowerShell’s support for WMI.
  5. Encourage the community to write and share PowerShell scripts and educate them on the features we put into V2 to make this easier/better.
  6. Seek out complainers and listen carefully for what we should be doing better.  Encourage people to tell us when and where we screw up.
  7. Get us on a plan to deliver solutions on a faster pace then OS releases.
  8. Figure out the right long-term architecture for the optimal integration of PowerShell, distributed job scheduling and workflow.
  9. Figure out the right mechanism for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs – e.g. Silverlight or AJAX apps) to talk to PowerShell across the web.
  10. Promulgate the benefits and techniques of metaprogramming using PowerShell.
  11. Develop or encourage the development of one or more PowerShell-based GUI scripting libraries (ala TK).
  12. Ensure that everyone knows how easy it is to develop Delegated Web-Based Self-Service Portals using PowerShell.
  13. Ship our internal Cmdlet Designer tool so that everyone can design large sets of Cmdlets in a consistent coherent fashion.

I’d love any feedback/advice. 
If you were in my position – what things would your 2009 resolutions be?

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows Management Partner Architect
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