Windows PowerShell Help – Live on TechNet

Updated Windows PowerShell Help topics are now live in the TechNet library at We’ll be updating weekly, so keep it bookmarked and check back frequently.   If you misplace this easy-to-recall URL, you can find us anyway: 1.       Go to TechNet ( 2.       Click the Library tab. 3.       In the TOC, click Windows PowerShell…. Read more


One of the new feature areas for PowerShell V2 CTP is support for rich output.  The out-gridview cmdlet allows you to send the output of any PowerShell command into a fully interactive grid window.  This feature is available from standard PowerShell and Graphical PowerShell.  Out-GridView can be very useful if the output of your command… Read more

Installing Windows PowerShell V2 (CTP)

We released Windows PowerShell V2 (CTP) a while back. We have introduced remoting and Graphical PowerShell in the CTP and these place some additional set of dependencies on PowerShell installation. The earlier dependency on .Net 2.0 still holds good. 1.       WS-Management v1.1 is required for PowerShell remoting as the remoting infrastructure uses it for connecting… Read more

IBM Releases PowerShell Cmdlets to Manage WebSphere MQ

Dale Lane from IBM posted a blog entry HERE describing a set of PowerShell Cmdlets to manage WebSphere MQ.  You can download the PDF documentation and bits from the IBM website HERE.  The ZIP file contains a PDF called PowerShellCookBook which has a bunch of examples of how to use the cmdlets. Let me be… Read more