New and Improved Start-Demo

Attached is a new and improved Start-Demo script. Here is a brief list of the differences:

  • Fix bug for demo files that have a single line

  • Intro text explains that this is a REAL demo

  • Cleaned up HELP and added some usage notes

  • Now emulates TYPING by introducing a random pause between key output

    • You can control the pause interval

    • Entering a key during the command typing will cause it to cancel the pauses

    • The command to be entered is displayed on the window title before the typing starts so you can see what is coming.

  • Colors are control via variables (so you can easily change them for your environment)

  • I added a few more comments

  • Timecheck now tells you where you are in the demo: You are at line 10 of 29


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows Management Partner Architect
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