Power and Pith

In our newsgroup, Benny asked the question, “How to get subdir items with full path name?” ClaudioG64 responded: PS> get-childitem C:\ | foreach-object -process { $_.FullName } Dreeschkind replied that we had pithier ways of doing it posting: PS> gci C:\ | % { $_.FullName } It was at this point that I realized that… Read more

Turning the dial to 11 with Custom TypeConverters

If you are the sort of bloke that likes to turn the dial to 11, you should check out Abhishek’s recent blog entry on Custom TypeConverters: http://abhishek225.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!13469C7B7CE6E911!191.entry Much of the power of Windows PowerShell comes from the type coercion capabilities of our ObjectFlow engine.  This is what allows PowerShell to eliminate tons of low-class, impedance-mismatch programming minutia… Read more

Windows PowerShell Font Customization

Windows PowerShell Font Customization   <Today we have a guest blog entry from another team in Microsoft> There’s a new set of fonts that have been developed and released this year bundled with the betas for the new Windows and Office.  These 6 fonts are collectively called The Microsoft ClearType Font Collection.  They are designed… Read more

Windows PowerShell Exit Codes

Windows PowerShell Exit Codes   PSMDTAG:FAQ: How can my script control the PowerShell exit code? Answers: 1.      A normal termination will set the exitcode to 0 2.      An uncaught THROW will set the exitcode to 1 3.      The EXIT statement will stop the process and set the exitcode to whatever is specified.   c:\>powershell -noprofile… Read more

Live Syntax Checking

Sapien PrimalScript’s support for WIndows PowerShell continues to get better.  The latest addition is Live Syntax Checking.  This is particularly useful for people who are starting out with PowerShell which is basically everyone at this point.  Checkout their blog post: http://sapien.eponym.com/blog/_archives/2006/10/14/2416634.html It’s also worth checking out the list of new features found in PrimalScript 4.1: http://www.primalscript.com/psnextpreview.asp It’s… Read more

HanselMinutes Interview

I had the pleasure to do an interview with Scott Hanselman.  If you aren’t already a regular HanselMinutes listener, I can strongly recommend it.  Scott is super smart, articulate and entertaining.    BTW – if you ever have a chance to see Scott demo PowerShell – RUN DON’T WALK to the session.  He has a great… Read more

Design For Operations for ISVs/Developers Workshop on October 23th and 24th, 2006

We still have some open slots for a Design For Operations for ISVs/Developers Workshop on October 23th and 24th, 2006. The goal of the workshop is to provide guidance on how to information for developers and architects who want to build manageable applications on Windows.  Windows PowerShell will be covered as part of this event…. Read more

Windows PowerShell in Action

Well folks, at long last, my book is almost done 🙂 Before it goes out for print, you can get electronic copies through Manning’s early access program: http://www.manning.com/payette/  The early access program is a chance for readers to provide feedback on a book so the author can fix things.  As Jeffrey says – enjoy! -bruce =========================================================… Read more

Adding elements to XML objects with Windows PowerShell

While it’s very easy to load and view the content of XML documents how do you add new elements? Here’s how: Let’s create a simple XML document, one parent node with two children: PS> $x = “<top> <first>first child</first> <second>second child</second>    </top>” PS> $x.top first                                   second—–                                   ——first child                             second child Add a new element below… Read more

Windows PowerShell RC2 FAQs

Since the release of Windows PowerShell RC2, we’ve been receiving many questions around some of the changes from previous versions of PowerShell to RC2. To help clear up and confusion, I’ve taken the most common questions I’ve been hearing and have answered each below. Q: Which platforms are supported for PowerShell RC2?   PowerShell RC2… Read more