How to split a powerpoint slide into 2 – Community Clips

I just uploaded my 1st video on Community Clips 🙂  It came from a discussion we had this morning in a meeting as we were previewing some powerpoint slides.  The slide had gotten quite long with a lot of text and we wanted to split it into 2 slides.  One person suggested to simply copy the…


Easiest Screen Capture tool I’ve ever used

I’ve been looking for a good, free and easy to use screen capture tool and today I finally found one I like, Community Clips, and it turns out it’s from the Microsoft Office team.  It uses Media Encoder underneath and does a good job of compression with little quality loss.  Saves the files as WMV…


Day 1 at MIX

After a long long journey from Dubai, I finally arrived in Las Vegas for the first day of MIX08.  A very exciting day for me to see Microsoft make some big announcements around the future of our technologies on the web.  Check out the official MIX blog recap of the keynote announcements, for me the…


SOA factory, another interesting webcast

There’s a webcast tonight (7pm UAE time) that a Microsoft partner is running on SOA factories.  It’s an interesting concept that tries to simplify parts of SOA with pre-built blueprints (the factory model), with the end result of auto generating WCF services. Register at Microsoft Events:


Architecture Thursdays webcasts for aspiring architects (May 24th)

A well respected colleague of mine is working on a series of webcasts for aspiring architects, this should prove to be an incredibly valuable series especially for everyone who is a part of GulfSkyscrapers. I’ll be attending and I invite all of you to join me.  We’re planning on hosting this at Microsoft Offices with…