Teched Middle East

For the 1st time, we are running TechEd in the Middle East! and I am now officially a TechEd track owner again.  This time it’s right here in Dubai.  If you’re interested in attending, register now for the Super Early Bird Special ($595 USD) until Dec 27, and join us Mar 1-3rd at the Dubai…


Signing up for dreamspark

I’ve had several people ask me about the process for how to download software through DreamSpark.  It couldn’t be easier. Go to Sign in with a LiveID (Remember this can be any email address including your .edu school address) Select your Country, then University from the drop down lists The system will verify that…


Better presentations

I’m currently reading Presentation Zen which is very good and gives concrete examples of good and bad slides and presentations.  I’m hoping to incorporate some of the techniques into my own presentations this year, so hopefully you’ll see an improvement.  The next book will be Beyond Bullet Points, available on MS Press.  One of the…


Imagine cup gaming finalist now available on Xbox live

Megalopolis, one of the Game Dev finalists of Imagine Cup 2008 from Germany is now commercially available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  Try out the demo if you have an Xbox, or check out the video.  Amazing what students can do these days, the team’s site has screenshots and a description of the environmental game….


UAE University and Jebel Hafeet

What an interesting day.  Spent the day at UAE University, one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the UAE meeting some of the professors and getting a tour of the labs there.  Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis  (who runs the lab) showed me around the Interactive Robots and Media Laboratory (IRML) where I saw some…


Students and Startups

My 1st blog post in a while and a good time to discuss some of the changes you’ll notice around here.  This year I’m going to be focusing a lot more on Academia and what we refer to as the Local Software Economy.  Basically this means I’ll spend a lot more time with students and…


Win7 Beta expiring – get on the RC

I’m sure those on the Win7 Beta have seen the messages from your machines, but just in case you didn’t, tomorrow is the expiration of the Win7 Beta, it’s time to move to the RC. “Starting July 1st, the Beta will start to reboot every two hours and will expire on August 1st.  Want to…


Bing search, try it out

I’m sure most of you have heard of the new Bing search from Microsoft.  I’ve been using it for a while (I’ve always been fond of the Image search capabilities, infinite scrolling, filtering, and the previews) and I’m pleasantly surprised to say it’s been working very well for me.  It’s called a decision engine and there’s lots of…


Web 2.0 talk at TechTalk

We held the first “TechTalk” today at Al Murooj Rotana for Partners who work with Microsoft with sessions on: ·         Introducing Windows Azure – Anton Delsink ·         Windows 7 –  Wilson Xavier ·         Web 2.0 – Pooya Darugar ·         Network Access Protection –   Zahid Tikrity Unfortunately I had to do my session in 45 minutes as we…