Lenovo Thinkpad add on for IE7 slowing things down

I just got a new Lenovo Thinkpad T61p at work and am getting it set up.  Overall, it's very nice, I like the Thinkpad design, the pointing stick, and am getting used to the widescreen. 

I noticed that IE7 was unusally slow, especially when opening a new tab.  I always set the home page to blank to make sure everything opens fast; but for some reason everytime I would open a new tab it would take between 3-10 seconds before it would actually allow me to use the new tab.  I'd never seen this before with IE7 on my old laptop or home laptop.  Checked new tabs in my firefox installation and it was fine.

After a little searching I found the answer, though in a different language 🙂  It turns out it's an add-on from Lenovo (CPwmIEBrowserHelper Object) that's causing the problem.

It turns out many others have seen the same issue.  Now things are back to normal, happily browsing ... now to get my old passwords into this browser.

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