New releases of IE7 for public use

IE7 public release candidate 1 is now available!  I've been using IE7 for a few months and I have to tell you it's great, a huge improvement over IE6.  The tabbed browsing (if you haven't already used it, you will be amazed) will clean up your workspace.  It looks great and runs fast, you get your choice of search providers.  The thing I like the most though is the RSS support. It's very impressive and means that you no longer need a seperate RSS feed reader.  IE7 can keep track of your favorite RSS feeds and also allow you to sort and filter the items in the feeds in a nice graphical environment that you're used to.  I still have my issues with the in-page search but thats a discussion to have with the IE team; I reccomend it for everyone using an older version of IE, there's so much it offers check it the new features and let us know what you think.

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