Time reporting with TFS

One area that some people dislike about TFS is also an area that others vehemently defend – that of “time tracking.”  TFS is optimized for agile projects and can easily manage and track point-in-estimates, remaining work and completed work on individual tasks.  This is more that sufficient for standard agile project management techniques and reports nicely on burndowns and other standard agile reports. However some organizations require more…

If your team needs to use a standard timesheet model for tracking hours but doesn’t want to double enter data between your corporate systems and TFS, then Microsoft partner Imaginet may have the solution.  Recently, Imaginet released the latest version of Imaginet Timesheet (formally Notion Timesheet), which integrates a formal time tracking system with TFS work items.  In addition to supporting the latest TFS version, they’ve also added support for Visual Studio Online, improved reporting dashboards, and a free community edition for up to 5 users.

Interested?  You can check out their documentation and download a version from: http://www.imaginet.com/imaginettimesheet

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