Are you running an obsolete Visual Studio 2012?

Yes, you read that correctly… “an obsolete Visual Studio 2012!”  Now that is a little overstated… The Visual Studio that was released last year is far from obsolete, but it is no longer the latest and greatest.  Since it was released for general availability, the Visual Studio and TFS teams have been working to continue to improve the product, and they’ve been making the new stuff available for you!  Since the initial production release of Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft has already released TWO production updates.  Update 1 and Update 2 were released in approximately three month intervals and include not only fixes but also some great new features.

In addition, Brian Harry announced last week that the Update 3 preview is now available for download as well:

If you want to hear more, join my counterpart Jason Singh, as he provides and overview of the great new feature in these updates.  The presentation will be on May 29th and there is a drawing for the attendees.  Check it out:









The Visual Studio Team has moved into a quarterly update model, which provides users the opportunity to take advantage of new features sooner than in previous release milestones.

This tour of new features webcast will cover the following topics:

  • New Agile Planning
  • Development
  • Quality Enablement
  • SharePoint Development
  • TFS Enhancements
  • Developer Experience

We’re excited to showcase these new features. Plus, we’re giving away one (1) brand new Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, valued over $150! We hope you can join us!




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May 29th @ 10am PST
Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 and Update 2
– Tour of New Features



Comments (4)

  1. Alex Schmidt says:

    Dave! It's perfectly fine to run 2012.2 and even 2010 in the Enterprise environment until everything is tested out and will be pushed to the developers machine according to the schedule. It seems you overstating the facts or just not aware how the updates in real-world are rolled out.

  2. Hi Alex – I am absolutely aware of real life and not rolling things out until the time is right. I still find customers that are struggling to get some of their apps off of VB6.  It is a sad story but it is reality for some people.

    In a world where we hit the "Update App" button on our phone on a daily basis, it is easy to forget that the reality of the corporate world doesn't always go that fast. I wasn't trying to imply that a wholesale update to a corporate system is trivial or that everyone should update today!

    As I said in my second sentence… "a little overstated…"  My primary purpose of this post was to make sure everyone is aware that there are updates with some great new functionality and that there is an upcoming webcast where they can learn more.

    Thanks for helping to temper the discussion and add a sanity check to the post!


  3. ERandall Nelson says:

    Since I haven't been using Win8, I haven't been keeping up with the 2012 updates.  Thanks, Dave–I'm one of the ones who needed a reminder to look.

  4. pavan says:

    Good Article.. Nice information provided.. Thanks for this article..!

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