About this blog…

This is my first blog posting on MSDN but not my first blog overall.  In fact I started blogging on WebBlogs.ASP.Net around eight years ago.  I started with mostly technical content about .NET and then spread to related topics such as BizTalk, SharePoint and especially TFS and ALM.  (Hence the blog title “Ponder.NET”)

As time wore on, I started doing more event notifications and logistics blogging and less good technical content.  It was a result of how my job evolved.  I also blogged less overall – in fact my last post of any type was about 18 months ago!

What will be posted here…

As I’ve moved to Microsoft as a Developer Technology Specialist, I have also changed a focus on what I do on a day-to-day basis.  As I see it, part of my job is communicating with my customers in the Southwest United States to help them more effectively understand and employ Microsoft development tools.  Hence, I see blogging as a way to that end.

So what will be posted here?  In actuality, only time will tell.  But what I’d anticipate at this point is:

  • 30% Technical content – This will include how-tos and interesting technology tidbits that I discover as I works with development teams.  They will cover the standard list I mentioned above but I expect they will be driven primarily based on questions and ‘situations’ asked by my customers.
  • 30% Event information – There is a wealth of community information out there covering important aspects of software development that fall directly in line with what I would blog about if I had the knowledge and the time.  Instead, I’ll point you to events where other experts are presenting.  I expect most of these will be free online events, but some will be face-to-face in various cities and it is possible that some will cost.  I’ll make sure they’re properly tagged so you can more easily locate local events for your area.
  • 30% Pass-It-On information – In my new role at Microsoft I have access to a lot of internal news feeds.  I won’t violate NDAs but if there is a tidbit of interesting news that I receive through internal channels that might be interesting to the developer crowd, I’ll do what I can to pass it on.
  • 10% Who Knows – Seriously, who knows? This blog will evolve and this 10% is for the padding that I haven’t yet figured out.

When will it be posted?

The answer is, as I have content that I believe is work posting.  I expect it will average one post each week overall.  It might be daily on highly eventful weeks or monthly at slow times.  I’m going to try to not post “me too” types of content but I know that I will occasionally post just to reference what I think are important pieces of information.

So, did I get it right?  Is this a blog you’re going to subscribe to?  I hope so, but if not I hope you’ll let me know what I can do differently to make it better for both of us.


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