July2011 Optional Updates Are On ECE For WEPOS 1.1 SP3, POSReady 2009 and POSReady 7

*Updated 4/10/12* - added info about Volume License customers 

The July 2011 Optional Updates are now available on the ECE site for Windows Embedded Point of Service 1.1 SP3, Windows® Embedded POSReady 2009 and Windows Embedded POSReady 7.

The list below applies to WEPOS 1.1 SP3 and Windows Embedded POSReady 2009

KB2540135 - This update fixes the following issue

  • This update fixes an issue where the File Based Write Filter (FBWF) Provider might crash while getting FbwfCacheDetail instances, after seven or more files have been added to or changed in the FBWF overlay, resulting in the FbwfCacheDetail instances containing corrupted file names in the FileName property.

The list below applies to Windows Embedded POSReady 7

KB2539566 – This update fixes the following issues

  • The Enhanced Write Filter Provider will crash if all EWF volumes have their Overlays disabled and the user tries to subscribe to a EwfOverlayStoreConfiguration event query. Until the new EWF Provider instance is created, all other commands will fail. Expected return code in this case would be 0x80070057 = ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. If a crash has occurred, the return code is 0x80041004 = WBEM_E_PROVIDER_FAILURE.
  • The event notification threshold values in EWF are inverted.

KB2570814 - This update fixes the following issues:

  • FBWFAPI by design does not allow multiple commands to be executed at the same time and it returns a clear error. The fix introduces locks in the File Based Write Filter (FBWF) Provider’s FBWFAPI calls, and all parallel requests will get served without errors returned.
  • The cache detail (changed or added files in the FBWF cache) file can be flushed from the cache in the timespan between FbwfCacheDetail instantiation and property data gathering, which results in property data gathering returning an unexpected error.
  • The event notification threshold values in FBWF are inverted.

KB2573437- This update fixes the following issue:

  • The runtime to be incorrectly configured as “SERVICE_DEMAND_START”. Specifically, when the “Enhanced Write Filter with HORM” package is added to an image with one or more protected volumes that are configured with default settings for “DisableDefragSvc”, the runtime should be configured to disable Auto Defragmentation service (DefragSvc), by setting the “DefragSvc” service to “SERVICE_DISABLED”.

KBB2573449 - This update fixes the following issues:

  • Extends EWF support for storage devices that use TRIM. Without this update, TRIM commands sent by the Filesystem will bypass EWF and violate write filtering guarantees provided by EWF.

If you have questions on accessing the ECE, please email MS Mobile & Embedded Communications Feedback & Support, ECE@microsoft.com. ECE is used only by WEPOS and POSReady OEM customers.

POSReady 2009 and POSReady7 Voluem License custoemrs can get updates from Microsoft Download Center:


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