KB979906, a .Net Security Update, may fail to install on Windows Embedded for Point of Service Minimum Configuration

MS10-041, Vulnerability in Microsoft .NET Framework Could Allow Tampering may fail to install on a Windows Embedded Point Of Service Minimum configuration.  Extracting the package and then running the .msp manually will successfully install this update.

Manually Installing KB979906

Manually extract the package and run the .msp file. Note: this is a .Net update and is the structure differs from Windows updates.

1.     Start a command prompt. This can be done by clicking on Run from the Start menu, typing ‘cmd’ and pressing Enter.

2.     Extract the file from the package by changing directories to the directory where you have saved the update and typing the following at the command prompt:

NDP1.1sp1-KB979906-x86.exe /extract <dir name>

Note: <dir name> is the path where you would like to expand the update file, you may choose to create a new folder for this purpose prior to this step.

3.     Run the .msp file

<dir name>NDP1.1sp1-KB979906-x86.msp

4.     If you created a new folder for the expanded update files, you can now delete the <dir name> folder where you extracted the update:

rd /s <dir name>

Example: (from a Command Prompt in the directory where the update has been saved)

md c:\temp\KB979906

NDP1.1sp1-KB979906-x86.exe /extract c:\temp\KB979906

cd /d c:\temp\KB979906


rd /s c:\temp\KB979906


Comments (2)

  1. oh MS! says:

    can't not run NDP1.1sp1-KB979906-x86.msp.  i'm not surprised to see MS is going down the hill because of these continuous similar security vulnerables

  2. Gina says:

    oh MS!,

    This article does not detail an un-answered security vulnerability. These instructions ensure that the software update released by Microsoft to address this given vulnerability, can be installed on Windows Embedded for Point of Service minimum configurations.

    I am unable to tell from your comment if you are having difficulty following these directions and are requesting assistance. If you are encountering difficulties, please provide more information including the steps you have taken, and the failure you have experienced, and we can work with you to resolve your issue. If you prefer, you can work with Microsoft Customer Support directly as well.

    Thank you,


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