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I recently decided to move my blog to a location that gives me a little more control. I will still occasionally post references to new posts here but I suggest people who are following this blog, switch to . I migrated a bunch of the content to the new location already.


Errors after Installing Dev10 Beta2 over top of Beta1 on Vista RTM or SP1

There is an issue upgrading .NET 4.0 from Beta1 to Beta2 only on Vista RTM and SP1 as well as Windows Server 2008 SP1. This is due to a known issue that was fixed in Vista SP2, Win7, and Windows Server 2008 R2. It is not an issue on XP. There is a document available…


WiX: "Rosario" WiX toolset vs. the community WiX toolset

This post is a follow-up to Rob Mensching’s “Visual Studio ships the WiX toolset” blog entry. One of the key tenets WiX development is operating under is to make all changes available to both community WiX as well as “Rosario” WiX. (They actually get fixed for the community first :)) Each time we make a…


VS Fails to Launch after Vista Build-to-Build Upgrades

Currently, VS fails to launch after Vista build to build upgrades. A message box is displayed that says:”The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect”This is caused because the upgrade does not yet handle the migration of the C Runtime Components Side-by-side configuration files. There are two workarounds that I know…


Error 1310 when installing VS from CD/DVD

There have been many problems recently with installation from the media that was handed out at the PDC and in various other places. One problem is caused by the disk label being burned incorrectly (VS install will fail). A second issue occurs during the installation of VSS (VSS install will fail). An error like this is shown: “Error 1310.Error Writing…


Visual Studio 2005 repair may require reboots

Although we went to great lengths to reduce the number of reboots required by setup, there were still a few that we could not avoid. You will notice that reboots are almost completely a thing of the past for installs but repair/maintenance mode is a different story. When repairing Visual Studio Team Suite 2005 there is…