WiX: More powerful foreach

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  1. Merit says:

    Is there any way to change the separator used for the list?  I want to pass an item list from msbuild in and do a foreach over it inside the wxs file but I can’t get the Candle task to work right.  For example I use (leaving out wakas, not sure if your blog handles it):

    Candle DefineConstants="MyList=$(MyListItems)"

    In msbuild this expands to "MyList=Item1;Item2;Item3" but then the wix task gives a command line like "candle -dMyList= -dList1 -dList2 -dList3".

    I can get msbuild to use a different separator for $(MyListItems) but then I can’t get the wix preprocessor to process them correctly.

    After writing all of that, I guess this might be better directed at someone working on msbuild or the Wix/msbuild integration, but do you have any suggestions?


  2. Not sure why I didnt see your question earlier. Sorry for the late response. Currently there is no way to change the delimiter. This would be a good bug to file on SourceForge and someone working on MSBuild can take a look at it. A lot of work is being done there now so its a good time to file a bug.

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