WiX: Binary Delta patch support added to WiX 3.0

Last night, everything came together and the changes to add binary delta patch support to WiX 3.0 went in. The feature is minimally documented but the schema and docs have descriptions of the new elements and attributes. I hope to get time to provide more details soon but I wanted to tell everyone that its in there so you can start playing with it if you'd like.

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  1. ShayEr says:

    I can’t find any trace of the in the 3.0.3502.0 nor in the 3.0.3509.0 releases.

  2. ShayEr says:

    Ok, it’s in 3.0.3516. I’m taking it for a spin.

  3. Cristian Baiu says:

    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for your efforts to bring the delta patching to life. However, I am  waiting for a little sample to explain the new things, as the currrent documentation is extremly poor.

  4. Tony says:

    Not to pressure you Peter 🙂 but it is 8 months later and it would be cool to play with it if we knew how to.

  5. I’ve asked the guy that added this support if he can provide some samples either in the wix documentation or that I can post on my blog. I’ve actually been waiting for a good sample myself to dig into it and haven’t used it yet either for that reason. I’ll let you know when I either get a sample or have time to wade through it and create one…

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